Retro Sweatshirt from Nigo

Hey guys, whats up? Last time I was browsing the internet and found the new collection from the Adidas Originals. Adidas started working with the japanese street-style legend "Nigo" and came out with a cool new collection. By the way "Nigo" is also a dj and songproducer. I thought this sweater was really cool because it has a retro look to it, so I bought it. The sweater is perfect for the cold weather we've been having lately. You can ...
adminRetro Sweatshirt from Nigo

Black is the new Black

Hey guys, since I like wearing dark clothes in cold weather, I thought I'd do a all black shooting. The sun sets earlier the closer we get to winter, so I thought lets get on the "Tempelhofer Field" which is an abandoned airport, and its free to go on for everybody. Unfortunately we were kind of late for the sunset and only were able to get two decent pictures of it. It turned out not being too bad because on ...
adminBlack is the new Black

Black & White

Hey guys, I hope you,re doing well ! Im doing great as you can see. Even though its fall, the weather in Berlin is great. You don't actually need a jacket, wearing a sweater is enough. I bought this sweater from Muschikreuzberg, its a fashion label from Berlin. My outfit is basic, black and white. Sweater from Muschikreuzberg, pants from Pull & Bear, Vans shoes, my Urban Outfitters bag and Tom Ford glasses. Im really into wearing all black lately, ...
adminBlack & White

Chilled Sunday Outfit

After a long saturday night, you dont really feel like getting out of the bed or doing anything on sunday. I usually go to the cinemas to see a movie, or to the next fast food restaurant because I dont feel like cooking. Since its sunday, I dont really think about what to wear either, just something comfortable for the day. As you can see on my pictures, a jeans and a sweater. That sweater is from Topman, its an ...
adminChilled Sunday Outfit

T-Shirt & Jeans always work !

T-Shirt & Jeans always work !
After about two months I finally had time to take some pictures and write another blog post. The past few weeks I had a lot of stress at the uni, afterwards I went on vacation for 3 weeks as some of u may have seen on my Instagram profile. I didnt really know what to wear and I had to hurry not to miss the bus, so I grabbed the first best t-shirt and a jeans. In my little bag ...
adminT-Shirt & Jeans always work !